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Sustainable e-fuels for everyone and everywhere

We build technologies for affordable and sustainable e-fuels production to enable net-zero aviation before 2030


What we do

We enable sustainable aviation for everyone

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the best solution to reduce emissions in aviation but suffers from high cost and low availability. E-SAF has the potential to overcome these limitations, but state-of-the-art solutions are bound to constant electricity input, resulting in high costs. Spark e-Fuels 'patented technology is one of the world’s first that can systematically handle the challenge of fluctuating renewable energy supply and thereby maximize the cost advantage using cheap onsite renewable electricity.  

Jet engine running on SAF
PtL process for SAF production (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

Next-gen e-fuels technology

Our patented, innovative e-fuels production process can be connected to fluctuating renewables directly. We develop novel e-fuels synthesis processes and reactors based on the Reverse-Water-Gas-Shift (RWGS) and Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology. Our aim is to prevent e-fuels to compete for renewable energy with an increasingly electrified industry and society. By overcoming the limitations of constant energy input, our technology enables the direct production of on-spec SAF using solar and wind energy where they occur. The energy — stored as e-fuels — can then be shipped to airports worldwide. Finally, we have a solution to remove fossil fuels from aviation. 

Wind mills powering power to liquid SAF production

Why Spark e-Fuels

The most efficient production method for the future

Biofuels and non-flexible Power-to-Liquid (PtL) SAF production are an important intermediate step but not the final solution for worldwide SAF deployment due to resource limitations or prohibitively high production costs. Our load-flexible SAF production offers the potential for the lowest-cost sustainable aviation fuel and holds the promise of enabling sustainable aviation for everyone. 

Plane drawing including jet engines

SAF in numbers


billion liters of jet-fuel needed in 2050


of global jet fuel market already mandated to be SAF in 2050


billion tonnes of CO2 emissions from aviation annually


CO2 emission reduction with Spark's SAF solution



Throughout our journey, we have been fortunate to collaborate with exceptional organizations that have supported us with their invaluable expertise, network, and financial resources. Their unwavering support has played a vital role in our achievements thus far and will in the future. 

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