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The time to act is now

Limiting the impact of climate change is the core challenge of our generation. With this belief, our team of engineers, scientists, and business builders embarked on a journey to significantly contribute to the sustainable transformation of our society. With our e-fuels technology, we drive the reduction of emissions in transportation, chemistry, and industry.  

Spark e-Fuels was founded by the former climate tech founder Dr. Arno Zimmermann, who already extensively analyzed the techno-economics of e-fuels at the prestigious MIT Energy Initiative in 2018. Despite the strong emissions reduction potential, the high price of and intermittency of renewable electricity blocked the commercialization of e-fuels until now  With shifting customer demand and regulatory incentives, e-fuels finally became a viable business case in 2021.

That's when Arno met his co-founder Dr. Mathias Bösl, an Ex-BCG consultant and experienced climate tech business builder. They co-founded the company with Dr. Julia Bauer, an experienced chemist and e-fuels enthusiast. With her experience, the team finally had the proper setup to start its journey to revolutionize how e-fuels are produced. Since then, our team has continued to grow, shaping both our company culture and the aviation industry, all with the unwavering commitment to make flying a more sustainable endeavor

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Make green count

We prioritize responsible practices to ensure a greener future. By making conscious choices and taking decisive action, we maximize our positive impact on the environment.

Let's do it now

Pursuit of knowledge

Better together

Proactively adapt to change, leveraging innovative solutions to drive high performance. With a pragmatic and efficient approach, we maximize our impact, seizing opportunities and delivering results effectively. 
Curiosity, learning, and humility drive our desire to explore and continuously learn, fostering personal growth and contributing to the collective wisdom of humanity.
Embrace collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and integrity by working together, leveraging diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive environment, we cultivate a culture of trust, respect, and ethical conduct. 


December 2021

Spark e-Fuels is founded

Spark e-Fuels was founded in Berlin, and made significant advancements towards our aim of enhancing the efficiency and affordability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production.

February 2022

Our third Co-Founder Julia joined the team

Our third founder, Julia, completed the founder team because we knew right off the bat that having a chemical industry pro was crucial, and Julia fit the bill perfectly.

Management Team

All this can only be done with a team of passionate founders committed to sustainably transforming aircraft fueling worldwide

Sustainable chemical technologies are the central theme throughout Julia’s professional career. Being a chemist by training, she developed profound knowledge of catalysis and industrial chemistry during her PhD at BasCat – UniCat BASF JointLab and as a process engineer at Evonik. She made it her mission to advance innovative chemical processes with impact.

Mathias is a green technology and sustainable business enthusiast. Holding a PhD in physics and an MBA, he developed & commercialized green technologies in an industrial and academic environment. With his business background at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) he strives to build a great company to bring e-fuels to commercial scale.

Creating cleantech products is Arno’s passion. He has been working on sustainable chemistry, and energy technology products for global corporates, start-ups and academia. In his PhD he analyzed techno-economics of using CO2 as a resource and conducted an e-fuels study at MIT. Arno co-founded two sustainability start-ups and was named Forbes 30 Under 30.


Without our advisors and early supporters we would not be where we are today

Natalia Westhauser

Natalia Westhaeuser

PtL projects & project Development

Thorsten Luft

Thorsten Luft

Aviation & fuel procurement

Dietrich Roeben

Dietrich Roeben

Plant development & operations


David Rowan

Innovation & green businessses


Thomas v. Hake

Fundraising &



Tom Kirschbaum

Entrepreneurship &

startup building


Christoph Wolff

Sustainable transport & logistics

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